Health Care Provider Sessions

Living Healthy Champlain offers workshops for health care professionals that will help them to support their patients in making behaviour changes based on their own motivations, and empower them to self-manage their chronic conditions.

Behaviour Change Workshops

Choices and Changes: Motivating Healthy Behaviours is designed to help health care providers support their clients in changing health behaviors. Using the Conviction and Confidence model, Stages of Change, and behaviour change research evidence, health care providers will be able to tailor interventions to increase conviction and/or confidence around a client’s specific health behaviour change.

Brief Action Planning (BAP) is a self-management support technique that involves using a structured step-by-step process to help individuals set goals and make concrete action plans. For clients who are ready to make changes, BAP uses elements from Motivational Interviewing, behaviour change theory and research to create a clear set of questions and skills to guide you in supporting a client make an action plan, and take actionable steps towards change.

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a collaborative conversation style to strengthen a person’s own motivation and commitment to change. Through this introductory workshop, you will develop the knowledge and skills in MI designed to help your clients explore and resolve ambivalence related to behaviour change.

These workshops require between 6 and 24 participants, and the typical length is about 6 hours (including lunch and break time).

Advanced Behaviour Change Workshops

For organizations that have received previous training in Choices and Changes, Brief Action Planning, or Motivational Interviewing. Sessions are determined by which behaviour change skills your organization would like to further develop. Options include:

  • Advanced Motivational Interviewing Skills
  • Brainstorming, group discussion, or case studies
  • Other topics tailored to your organization

Living Healthy Champlain also provides additional workshops for trainees to maintain and develop providers’ skills in working with behavior change, and to share best practices.


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