Additional Training Sessions

These topics are typically offered as one hour sessions. Sessions can be lengthened or combined depending on the needs of your organization.

Introduction to Health Coaching

Health coaching involves helping a person gain the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to become active participants in their care so that they can reach their self-identified health goals. In this introduction, learn about chronic illness in Canada and how health coaching can help influence behaviour change for your clients.

Health Literacy

An essential element of actively participating in one’s own health is health literacy, yet over 60% of Canadians lack the ability to obtain, understand and act on health information and services. Learn more health literacy, barriers, and solutions that can help you, your patient, and your organization to address this critical issue.

Medication Reconciliation

A patient who is able to maintain their own medication list is more informed about their care, and it is an important tool in self-management. Learn more about medication lists, ways to complete a reconciliation with a patient, as well as barriers and interventions related to medication adherence.

Agenda Setting

Time management during an appointment can be challenging for the provider and the patient. Using Motivational Interviewing techniques, learn how to create and negotiate an agenda with your patient, so that concerns can be more effectively managed during the appointment.


Action Planning

Action planning is one of the most common tools used in patient self-management when they are ready to start taking steps in making a behaviour change. Learn how to support patients in setting self-directed, meaningful and measurable goals.

Strength-Based Approaches to Care

To empower patients and build their self-confidence to make behaviour changes, it’s important that we can identify and build on their own strengths and experiences. Learn more about approaches that support this, ways you can collaborate with your patient, and help strengthen their own motivation for change.

Topics in Motivational Interviewing (MI)

As an alternative to our day long training on MI, specific topics can be addressed in this shorter workshop. Topics offered include: The Spirit of MI, The Four Processes of MI, Basic and Advanced OARS Communication Skills, and Knowing When A Patient Is Ready To Take Action. Not sure which topic would be appropriate? Contact the Training & Outreach Facilitator to discuss what would work best for your organization.

In addition to workshops, we offer individual and group coaching, implementation support and ongoing organizational support.

All sessions are free and can be offered on-site at your organization anywhere in the Champlain region.

Please contact Martha Wiggin, Training Facilitator, for additional information.



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