Clients with persistent pain who are educated about ways to manage their pain have been shown to have improved outcomes, including fewer pain symptoms and enhanced self-efficacy.


Being able to support improved outcomes and client self-management for chronic pain can be achieved through the communication skills used to enhance the client-provider relationship and brief office-based tools.

The Pain Explanation and Treatment Diagram (PETD) was designed to enable clients to recall the diagnostic and treatment information provided to them. It is a one page worksheet that identifies risk factors (health-related habits, sleep, exercise, ergonomics and psychosocial factors) involved in chronic pain.

In addition to learning about chronic pain and the PETD, you will develop the Motivation Interviewing communication skills needed to help strengthen the relationship with your client, support their motivations for change and taking actionable steps in chronic pain self-management.

This workshop format includes presentation, small group activities, large group discussions, and experiential opportunities to practice foundational communication skills and apply the PETD to a case study.


At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

1. Identify pain risk factors and apply them to the treatment of clients experiencing chronic musculoskeletal pain.

2. Implement effective clinical methods that enhanced pain-related communication between client and provider, including the Pain Explanation and Treatment Diagram (PETD).

3. Demonstrate 4 Motivational Interviewing communication skills to facilitate the completion of the PETD and client-centered action plans.


Hillel M. Finestone, MDCM, FRCPC, Director of Stroke Rehabilitation Research, Elisabeth Bruyère Hospital
Isabelle LeClerc IA/RN, Bruyère Academic Family Health Team
Martha Wiggin, CTRS Training & Outreach Facilitator, Living Healthy Champlain


Friday, 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM


Bruyere Continuing Care
43 Bruyere st,
Central Ottawa, K1N 5C8

Venue Room

670J (The Garden)

Registration Contact

Rachel Davidson

Living Healthy Champlain

1 613 562 6262 x1664

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Cost $14.00

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