Funded by the Ontario Health East, Living Healthy Champlain provides a centralized program in the region to improve coordination of and access to self-management supports, programs and resources for people with chronic conditions, and training for healthcare professionals supporting patients living with chronic conditions. Similar programs are provided throughout Ontario.

Self-management support is an increasingly important consideration for people with chronic conditions, especially those with multiple chronic conditions. Evidence has shown that self-management support can help many patients manage their symptoms more effectively. Read more about different self-management techniques to support symptom management.

People with chronic health conditions can benefit from education, coaching, and other interventions to help them gain the confidence, knowledge, skills, and motivation to manage the physical, social, and emotional impacts of their illness. The systematic provision of this assistance by health care providers and others is known as self-management support. Read more on self-management best practices in Canada.

Our programming is accessible across the Champlain LHIN (please see map below) and is free for all participants and health care providers.

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