Online Chronic Conditions Workshop

A Self-Management Workshop

What is the program?

The Online Chronic Disease Self-Management Program is the online version of the in-person workshops offered regionally across Women stretching with arms raised up to a sunsetOntario. Easy-to-follow content is consistent with that of the in-person classes, but workshops take place entirely online on a dedicated, secure website. The online program enables individuals to participate in a workshop if they are unable, or choose not to, attend an in-person workshop.

The program helps people living with chronic conditions overcome daily challenges and take control of their health. Participants are taught skills that they can use to manage their chronic condition regardless of their particular illness. Participants with more than one chronic condition also benefit from this generalized approach. Workshops are led by two trained peer facilitators, many of whom are living with their own chronic health conditions.

Participants learn to set goals and take action to help them feel better and start doing the things they want to do again. 

Who can participate?

Individuals with any type of long-term health condition as well as their friends and loved ones are welcome to participate.

The Online Chronic Disease Self-Management Program is broadly accessible, allowing individuals with any level of computer skills to participate from any computer with an Internet connection, even a dial-up connection. An online tutorial is provided to assist participants in using the website.

What is the cost?

Participation is FREE 

When is the workshop available?

A new workshop series is currently under development. We will be accepting registration for our new workshops soon!